Friday, July 26, 2013

Renovations Underway


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    1. Yes, yes... you and your fancy-schmancy database. I suppose I ought to get some type samples together and post my data :)

  2. I don't have a gallery of my typewriters. I've just lumped them all under the 'Typewriters' label just below the title at the top of my blog. Hopefully, it isn't too hard to navigate since all typewriter model names are listed in order of when I posted about them. Otherwise, I feared that the more machines I accumulated, the more crowded my blog would look. I'm not as computer savvy as some.

  3. Naturally, the Typewriter Database is an excellent place to put them. I started out with a page-per-brand approach which was fine until the collection grew. At least all the blog entries and usable typewriter photos are in one place. Making a blogger page is easy and once you have the content width accurately measured in pixels (through trial and error), you should be able to upload with ease and get predictable results. Looking back, it was a desire to publish a "virtual collection" that started me on the road to blogging. Good luck!