Monday, August 5, 2013

A Request From Little Brother


  1. If the slugs are clean and the ribbon over-inked, you probably need to go over the ribbon and wipe it in a rag to remove the excess wet ink. Kind of a PITA, though. I generally just live with it.

    Alternately, I believe the symptoms can also be caused by the machine having it's escapement trip out of adjustment so that the escapement triggers too soon or too late, causing it to trip the escapement while the slug is still contacting the paper. This results in that "smudge to the right of the letter" thing. I've not had to adjust that out myself, but I've seen Bill do it. It's probably fairly simple to adjust once you find the proper doohickey. (:

  2. Thanks for the advice Ted. I guess I'll type for a while and see if the heavy inking subsides. I'll cross the "adjust the escapement" bridge when/if it bugs me enough to take action.