Thursday, September 5, 2013

Skewing The Balance

I'm really going to have to take a break from typewriter hunting. I keep finding bargains on beautiful Smith-Corona machines. Which means my collection is getting a bit S-C heavy.

Honestly, I'd be willing to part with this one. Let me know if you need more Smith-Corona in your life.

What's in the (cigarette burnt) case?
Another Silent!


  1. Heh, I can't pass 'em up either, but I have only kept a few - one Silent that has been with me for a couple decades, I'll probably never let go. They're good workhorses for sho' :D

  2. The Crushinator -- good one!

    Try Scrubbing Bubbles on the case and body. (Just be aware that it can harm decals and will remove a little paint. But it lifts off the dirt really well.)

  3. A lot of fifties products are brown/golden right? I think you could easily be right about the tar stains. I mean, look at the cars! It would really make sense.

  4. Just wait till you try to clean that tar off... If you've followed my blog, you may age seen the nicotine explosion I suffered when I dunked a lettera 22.

  5. Nice looking typewriter. I wish I could find any typewriter locally that could follow me home. Good luck with the cleaning. I followed Richard's advice and used scrubbing bubbles. Works fine. I have a few other things I use also, but Scrubbing Bubbles seems to be the easiest.