Monday, December 23, 2013

Diving in to Stapler-Mania

I might have overdone it with these. Get your scroll key ready...

Sweet Swede with a gray crinkle finish

Been through the wringer and still works like a dream


I imagine this corporate workhorse sat in the main office of a local mine

interesting that my "Liner" doesn't have the text on the top like Richard's

Sleek and sexy (For a stapler)


  1. I like the telegraph machine look of the Pilot.:)

  2. I'm glad your health issue is resolving. Sweet staplers, and I like the Oliver teaser.

  3. I have a couple of nice staplers. But i will resist the influence of recent posters and the urge they've induced to scour the thrift shops for more. I will. I will.

    1. Resistance is futile, Tony. They just compliment the typewriters so well!

  4. I'm not resisting the siren call - Luckily you've already got your Aceliner, so I won't have to beat you to the next one at Deseret :D

    Merry Christmas, and may your busted wing fly true again soon (:

  5. I like the "liner" best but then, HEY - SLIDE RULES!!