Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Day with Typospigeon

We actually rode past Goldfield in order to enjoy the scenery (and curves) further up the Apache Trail.

After a few laps of the best section, we stopped at Tortilla Flat to chat with some of the riders sharing the road.

Her perch on the back of my bike
Blending in with the locals
 After a good chat on the porch, my guest intimated she was ready to move on. I think she was excited to get close to the vintage machinery she'd glimpsed on the way. We said our goodbyes and hit the road.

Upon arrival in Goldfield, I sensed a bit of disdain from Typospigeon. I don't think she expected a tourist trap. Luckily, she perked up when I told her she could actually sit on the old machines.

Sadly, I didn't calibrate my Minolta Hi-Matic correctly for the film I was using. Sorry for the washouts.

Where's Typospigeon?

Tried a little digital fun with this one. It's not always evil :)

Enjoying the view of the mountains
Aside from the film troubles, we had a fantastic ride into the Superstition Mountains. Always a good way to spend a day!

Typospigeon moves on to carry her message of mechanical/analog joy to the next agent of the Insurgency. Type on brother and sisters!


  1. Just when those locals thought they'd seen it all!

    1. Yes, there were a few sidelong glances while I was taking pictures :)

  2. How fun! Seems like a lovely day. :-)

  3. Love it! I am enjoying the continuing adventures of Typospigeon and look forward to the report from her next host, whoever that may be.

  4. The Typospigeon sure gets around. Glad the trip is a joy for all. Looking towards the next stop for Typospigeon.

  5. Wow! I bet the typospigeon didn't know she was going to have such grand adventures awaiting her when she left Kentucky!

  6. Excellent adventure with the Typospigeon! (:

    I actually like the washed-out look, sort of makes finding the pigeon a game of Where's Waldo? :D

    1. Thanks Ted. You know how it is - "That's not how I visualized it at all!"