Sunday, December 9, 2018

Quick Post - December 2018 Chandler, AZ Type In

If I only had a dime for every time I told myself I needed to update this blog...

Here's hoping you, dear reader, are well and enjoying the holiday season. The wife and I attended another fabulous type in hosted by Jeremiah, of the The Quirky QWERTY, yesterday.

It really is heartening to see tiny humans having fun punching keys and seeing the results appear on the page - while their chaperones look on with bemused smiles.

Of course, there were a few adults enjoying the experience. But, really, the kids are just a blast to watch.

I really enjoyed catching up with old friends from the typing community. These shots are from a new-ish Sony Nex-7 mounted with vintage Canon glass. I'm still getting used to this beast and it shows. Look for a typecast, with some images originating from analog sources in the near future.

I'll close with the obligatory Bill Wahl picture.

Happy Festivus!


  1. Thanks for the glimpses. I agree, it's great to see kids fascinated by the machines.

  2. Ooh, excellent - I'm glad you got some photos. Totally forgot my camera :P